The Facts

Yes, we're getting married. And we're blogging. Most everybody has a wedding website these days; we've decided we favor a wedding blog instead. We think it's very cutting edge.

Tara has just reminded me we need to stick to the facts. We're getting married on December 6, 2008 at 2:15pm at St. Patrick Church in Dallas, Texas. A dinner reception will be held immediately following at the Old Red Courthouse (pictured right).

This blog will be your source for all information pertaining to the Teter/Dankberg wedding. Check the links under 'Helpful Information' or scroll down for information about the wedding parties, registries, in addition to some travel information and other fun facts about Dallas, Texas.

We will be posting maps, ideas for activities, and other helpful information soon! In the meantime, feel free to email us if you have any questions.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tara's Ladies

Jenna Teter, the Maid of Honor.
I've known Jenna since, well, since she was born. Growing up, we spent much of our time performing renditions of our favorite musicals and running a Barbie hair salon in our bathroom. It's been fun watching her grow up over the years, and she continues to impress me. After finishing up at Loyola New Orleans, she moved back to Dallas to become the staff photographer for the Texas Catholic. She spends most of her time as Maid of Honor doing valuable research for me. Dresses, photobooths, priests, and hotels - this girl does it all.

Lauren Reeves Wallace, the Matron of Honor.
Lauren and I first met in Ms. Dunne's second grade class, and what started out as pulling the chair out from under the class bully has blossomed into a lifelong friendship. Even though we later went to different schools, Lauren has always been there for me - whether telling me to throw the big stinky cheese as my catcher or making sure I about the best wedding cake in Dallas. She is now teaching 10th grade English and adjusting to married life with Robert.

The Bridesmaids:
Katy Regnier (also Chris' middle sister)
I met Katy my freshmen year at Rice - where we, along with Jean Daly, hung out in the architecture studio and rowed on the crew team. We ate Taco Cabana and had Bubble Tea nearly every day. It was a wonderful existence - if you ignore the lack of sleep. Katy married another archi, Ben Regnier, (one of Chris' Dudes) and the two together are unstoppable. They just had their first child(ren) at the end of September! We are very excited to have Amelia Ann and Paul Joseph present as our youngest and cutest guests.

Allison Dankberg (also Chris' little sister)
I first met Allison when she came to Rice to visit Katy, and we've been great friends ever since. "Meeting the family" was pretty easy for me since I had been friends with Chris' sisters for about 5 years. This year will be a busy one for Allison - she just got engaged to Mark DeGeorge! Apparently this sort of thing runs in the family, since Mark is one of Chris' friends and also making an appearance as one of Chris' Dudes. Be sure to watch your grammar around Allison, she teaches 10th grade English. She's also an accomplished artist!

Avanti Tamhane
Avanti was my roommate for three years at Rice. Since I am a full year older than she, I like to call her my behna, which means little sister in Hindi. Being the big sister, I made her do everything I did - like crew, powderpuff, Beer Bike, etc. A chemical engineering degree wasn't enough for this one. Nope. A masters in environmental engineering has made her realize her lifelong dream - saving the environment by making all the evil oil companies in Houston clean up their act. Avanti just moved to San Francisco and I am thrilled to live to close to her again!

The Crew
Tracy Bachman
Tracy was my roommate my freshmen year at Rice and since it was such great fun, we ended up living together again our junior year. Tracy is one of those people that just gets things done. Once she makes up her mind to do something - study abroad, graduate early, Teach for America, move cities, travel to Costa Rica, Singapore or Malaysia - she just does it. It's incredible. Tracy married Frank Bachman last May; they had a gorgeous wedding in Savannah. Tracy is currently working in HR for a company in Atlanta and preparing to move into a new house with Frank!

Veronica Herrera
Veronica was my roommate at Rice for technically just two years, but that's if you don't count the time she lived on our futon freshmen year. Vero is a fantastic chef and any real meal I ate in school was most likely hers. She also has an eye for fashion, so she'll make sure you look great before you leave the house. (She'll still look better, but really who cares?) She's currently doing recruiting for a big time law firm in Houston, Greenberg Traurig, and staying busy with her many organizations.

Jean Clare Daly
I also met Jean my freshmen year at Rice, where nearly all our time was spent in the architecture studio or on the water rowing. A native Houstonian, Jean knows all the best places for birthday cakes, coffee, and antiques. You'll also get to hang out with her awesome family - for free! In a single day, Jean will take a road trip from Houston just to see the water gardens in Ft. Worth or watch me try on wedding dresses. Now that is dedication. She JUST moved to San Francisco to take a new job at an architecture firm. :)

Jennifer Bartz
I've known my cousin, Jennifer, since she was born. (Such a cutie!) Being the eldest cousin, I made everyone (Jenna and Christopher too) play whatever games I invented. I think the best ones were "ambulance" and "newsroom." Despite the fact that I am ten years older than Jennifer, people mistook her for being the graduate at my graduation! Jennifer is one smart cookie and a natural athlete. We can't wait to see her moves on the dance floor!

Victoria (Large), Julia (Medium) and Olivia Teter (Small)

These are my super cute cousins who live outside of Philadelphia. Chris and I got to visit them often when we lived in New York, and we miss them!! Victoria is the big sister and a total sweetheart. She does about a million activities (girl scouts, field hockey, etc) and still has time to chat with her friends. Julia is technically the youngest, (Olivia beat her by a few minutes) but beware: she plays a mean game of pool volleyball and is a soccer star. Olivia is very talented and impressed us with her omelette-making skills...when she was 9. She is also the star pitcher for her softball team and an origami guru.


amoeba said...

Yay! I am the first to "comment". Just got your Save the Date card the other day! Love the site - its very Chris and Tara!


Cindy said...

We are so very happy to be adding you to our family! We loved you when you were just Katy's friend, but now, it's even better! You and Chris are so very special together! Can't wait for the wedding!