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Yes, we're getting married. And we're blogging. Most everybody has a wedding website these days; we've decided we favor a wedding blog instead. We think it's very cutting edge.

Tara has just reminded me we need to stick to the facts. We're getting married on December 6, 2008 at 2:15pm at St. Patrick Church in Dallas, Texas. A dinner reception will be held immediately following at the Old Red Courthouse (pictured right).

This blog will be your source for all information pertaining to the Teter/Dankberg wedding. Check the links under 'Helpful Information' or scroll down for information about the wedding parties, registries, in addition to some travel information and other fun facts about Dallas, Texas.

We will be posting maps, ideas for activities, and other helpful information soon! In the meantime, feel free to email us if you have any questions.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Busy Texas Weekend!!

Not living in the city where you are getting married forces one to be an impeccable planner. We somehow managed to squeeze a dress fitting, two tastings, a hair and make-up trial, a meeting with Fr. Deeves, a fabulous bridal shower for me and the Texas-OU game for Chris (go Texas!), and the Texas State Fair into just three and half days! Oh and we even stuffed all the invitations!

Lauren Wallace (Matron-of-Honor) and her mom, Linda Reeves, were sweet enough to throw a shower for me at the Dallas Arboretum. They even arranged for perfect weather, linens in my wedding colors, and flowers with that perfect punch of color! Everything was just so nice. Perhaps the most interesting part of the shower was when I had to guess Chris' answers to 25 questions Lauren had secretly asked Chris the week before. I definitely did not get them all right (Huckleberry Finn is his favorite book?!) but I nailed the important ones. (What kind of dog does he want, favorite movie, favorite dessert, etc)

Thank you so much to all who was great to see the SPS girls and moms, all the Teter women, the Barabs, Bennetts, and Fraineys.

And thank you especially to Lauren and Linda! The shower was absolutely perfect and appreciate all the thought and time you put into it!

Chris and I also met with Fr. Deeves, one of my high school teachers from Ursuline, to review our FOCCUS test, which is about 150 questions on topics you may or may not have already discussed as a couple. Don't worry, we "passed." But here we are on the kitchen table doing our test. I hadn't filled out a scantron in a very long time.

And no trip to Dallas during October would complete without a trip to the Texas State Fair! This was not Chris' first Texas State Fair experience, but it was his first one where he was old enough to eat a Fletcher's corny dog! We enjoyed finding the most creatively fried food items - this year's hits are chicken fried bacon and fried BLTs. We also posed for some pictures in front of Big Tex who is now sponsored by Dickie's BBQ.

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Big Tex! I'm so nostalgic!!!