The Facts

Yes, we're getting married. And we're blogging. Most everybody has a wedding website these days; we've decided we favor a wedding blog instead. We think it's very cutting edge.

Tara has just reminded me we need to stick to the facts. We're getting married on December 6, 2008 at 2:15pm at St. Patrick Church in Dallas, Texas. A dinner reception will be held immediately following at the Old Red Courthouse (pictured right).

This blog will be your source for all information pertaining to the Teter/Dankberg wedding. Check the links under 'Helpful Information' or scroll down for information about the wedding parties, registries, in addition to some travel information and other fun facts about Dallas, Texas.

We will be posting maps, ideas for activities, and other helpful information soon! In the meantime, feel free to email us if you have any questions.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hotel Update

UPDATE: We're hearing that the Magnolia Hotel may be booked up Friday night - we'd suggest giving them a call just in case something opens up. There's a Hyatt Regency less than a half-mile from Old Red Courthouse in downtown that we can also recommend. The rate is $119/night. Phone number is (214) 651-1234 and the address is 300 Reunion Blvd E.


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Arturo said...

Hi Tara

My name is Arturo Veve and I'm a friend of your cousin John Poston, as of many years now (31 years). I lived in San Antonio 15 years. I understand you're an architect working in San Francisco. I'm also an architect in San Francisco. It would be nice to meet you for coffee some time. You can email me at eyrie4981 (at) mypacks (dot) net. By the way, I blog also, and you can link to my blog with this comment. (cronyogitect at blogspot)